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Lost Companion – TomboFry (30 second snippet)

TomboFry is a chiptune artist from Glasgow, Scotland.

From his early beginnings in 2009, still barely understanding what an “gameboy” is, TomboFry experimented with creating music digitally for the first time. Soon after, he discovered chiptune, an 8-bit retro style similar to that of the NES and GameBoy, with the release of Growing Darkness in 2013. Over the years, he has experimented with dark and distorted soundscapes, synthwave, and in some cases, comedic medieval (examples of all of these can be found in Song-a-Week 2016)! After this new-found experimentation, TomboFry split into two – where non-chiptune music will get released as Tom Gardiner.

Since 2022, TomboFry created “Fry Records”, an independent music label for his and his friends’ music projects. Writing this in the third person has been quite strange. Hello!

Tom Gardiner

Boots on a Raft – Tom Gardiner (30 second snippet)

Tom Gardiner writes, produces, and publishes Really Weird Pop Music.

Based in Glasgow, Scotland, Tom Gardiner is keenly aware of tunes that tickle the hairs in your ear, and strives to make catchy tunes without being limited by genre boundaries. He is largely influenced by 00’s pop, progressive rock, and most recently k-pop. Who knows what’s next?!

New music from Tom Gardiner coming soon!

Electric Squid

Make It Drizzle – Electric Squid (30 second snippet)

Almost on complete opposite sides of the world, Electric Squid are a global comedy duo band, inspired by the likes of Flight of the Conchords and Ninja Sex Party. Sean (in New Zealand) and Tom (in Scotland) have wanted to turn the sound of sweet love into music ever since becoming friends in high school.

New Electric Squid music coming soon!